Work We’ve Done

We’re fortunate to have been able to work on some amazing projects with some wonderful teams. It’s truly been an honor to have been included in some transformative moments for many impactful businesses.

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We’ve successfully deployed production-grade machine-learning systems in the fashion, retail, and healthcare industries. We’ve also deployed advanced analytics systems that are actively used worldwide. And our product studio team has helped a number of innovative startups and organizations bring their first product or digital experience to market.

As meaningful as it is to be deeply involved in adding value to the core of a client’s business, it also means that we can’t always speak publicly to the work we’ve done. We’re often solving problems our client’s customers and competitors don’t yet know they have, and the approach we use is usually proprietary. We tried removing those details from our case studies, but that made them a lot less interesting.

Nonetheless, we’d be happy to pull together a few selected case studies that are relevant to your business problem and gather the necessary clearances from our existing clients. We can usually get you a response within 24 hours. Contact us to get started.