We build production grade machine- learning systems for innovative businesses that don’t want to get left behind.

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Our Mission

Here at Hop, we have a simple goal: to enable technology to meaningfully impact people's lives. We do that directly with the products we've launched ourselves, as well as in partnership with innovative startups and other organizations.

We've helped large, established companies nurture innovative ideas, and we've helped innovative startups prepare to be the large, established companies of tomorrow.

In the last twelve months alone, we've helped fight cancer through deep learning; empowered non-profit organizations around the world; streamlined aircraft maintenance; and even made computers smart enough to help you find the best-fitting pair of pants. After all, life is too short for ill-fitting pair of pants.


“Our goal is simple: build technology that meaningfully impacts people's lives.”

— Ankur Kalra, FOUNDER


Our Team

Our team reflects our belief in quality over quantity. We do few things, but we do them extremely well.

  • Machine Learning -- Deep Learning / AI / RNNs

  • Computer Vision

  • Product Strategy and Product Roadmap

  • MVP Development

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Our Promise

We're definitely technologists, but we don't believe in technology for technology's sake. We start by focusing on what moves the needle for your organization, and work backwards from that to what needs to happen. At every point along the way, we both know what we're doing and why, and how that will help your organization with its goals.

All valuable technology projects come with complexity, risk, and many forms of unpredictability; that's what makes them so valuable. We certainly know how to slay those dragons, but we've found that with careful planning and focus, it's much easier to avoid them entirely.

Contact us to find your way through these dragon-infested lands.

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Our Culture

We're a small team that's about making an outsized impact. If you're a technologist that wants to work on projects that make a difference, please do drop us a note.

We're often hiring, and even when we're not, we're certainly hosting lunch-and-learns, happy hours, or technical talks that you might be interested in.

We also founded, sponsor and sometimes host Papers We Love — Atlanta.