ML Study Hall


Hands On Help

Cryptic TensorFlow error message? We've seen those before. Odd looking loss curve? Been there. Confused by the math in a paper? We'll give it a shot with you at a whiteboard. 

We'll bring the pizza and the beer, and a bunch of helpful ML textbooks for all levels from our internal office library. Bring whatever problems or courses you're working on, and let's do this!

Couple of quick facts:

  • This is not an ML class. This is a shared space for people working on similar kinds of problems to hang out and bounce ideas off of each other. Though if you have no experience with ML before, you could certainly make an 'Intro to ML course' the project you're working on. We can recommend some.

  • Please RSVP! Especially in these early days, we would super appreciate RSVPs so we can plan appropriately. Though we love putting on events for the community, they do take time and effort to put together.

  • This is an experiment. We're trying to find ways to help the community in any way we can. Please be patient with us as we experiment with formats and approaches.

  • Be nice. We're hoping for this to be inclusive to all levels and people of all backgrounds.

Once a month, open to all experience levels. Usually on the last Wednesday of the month. Announced via private email list.

Sign up below to find out about the next time we have one.